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The Generator’s target population

The Generator will be targeted to at least five and up to 10 communities (of place and/or identify) whose populations are experiencing the highest levels of hardship.

These communities may cover a territorial authority, region, hapū or iwi, or a sub-population based on place and / or identity.

Decisions on which communities to target will be informed by data on populations and communities experiencing the highest level of hardship, as well as information on community readiness, opportunity and local resources.

It is expected that targeted communities will change over time as initiatives in a community reach scale.

The Generator’s priority target groups and localities will primarily be:

  • Ethnicity: Māori and Pacific peoples
  • Household type: sole parent households (mostly women), and parents
  • Age: children and younger people
  • Territorial Authorities: quintile 5 – the most ‘deprived’.

In practice, this may mean that following its analysis, The Generator decides to fund, for example:

  1. Community One: A regional city with significant areas of social housing and high unemployment, with the most flourishing businesses being mobile traders and third tier lenders. Where Māori and Pacific women in the community have said they want to get out of the cycle of debt and create opportunities to better provide for their families.
  2. Community Two: A remote rural area with a high Māori population characterised by very few employment opportunities for its young people following the loss of key industries. Where young people have said they don’t want to move for work, and have been thinking about opportunities to create new social enterprises that enable them to live good lives while contributing to their own community.
  3. Community Three: A large city with a BFC provider who has been working with Pacific peoples with disabilities across the city. After running MoneyMates and SaverMates groups for some time, they have a large cohort of people who have built their financial capability and some savings, and who now want to look at creating opportunities for good jobs and their own homes.