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The Generator’s draft Theory of Change

A draft Theory of Change has been developed. It will be refined and a full intervention logic finalised once The Generator is underway.

Building Financial Capability goal:

Building the financial capability and resilience of people, families and whānau in hardship

The Generator goal:

Generating prosperity through community action and enterprise

If The Generator:

  • targets support to communities experiencing the most hardship
  • has a network of ‘community generators’ who co-produce initiatives with communities aimed at reducing their hardship
  • provides seed funding to grow these community action and enterprise initiatives
  • has a leadership collective who make decisions aimed at maximising impact, and a small backbone organisation to administer The Generator
  • uses an on-line platform based on evidence that enables high quality funding proposals and monitoring, and which generates reporting about impact
  • leverages impact through actively building partnerships

We will help people, families and whānau:

  • have increased income, resource and employment opportunities.
  • better meet their basic needs and obligations.
  • build their skills, literacy, knowledge and capability.
  • build new connections and networks in their communities and reduce isolation.

Which will contribute to communities who have:

  • reduced stress caused by financial problems
  • improved resilience to cope with financial shocks
  • improved skills, knowledge and capability
  • increased opportunities for employment and livelihoods
  • improved social networks, relationships and connections
  • positive social and cultural identity.

For the ultimate goal of people, families, whānau and communities with:

  • improved opportunities and life outcomes
  • improved social and economic inclusion
  • improved wellbeing.