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The Ministry of Social Development and housing

Warm, dry, and secure housing along with the right support services helps people to build better lives. Once housed people are better positioned to focus on other aspects of their lives such as finding work, engaging in education or training, contributing to their communities, or accessing medical care.

We are focussed on making sure that those who need help with housing get the support they need. The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) provides a range of financially based housing products and support services to help vulnerable New Zealanders with an urgent housing need. Each product and service is designed to help support peoples’ individual circumstances.

In 2017 the Ministry of Social Development:

  • helped to house 7,073 households from the Social Housing Register
  • granted 3,022 Housing Support Products to 1,656 distinct clients at a total cost of $3 million
  • helped 8,311 clients to receive 35,995 Emergency Housing Special Needs Grants
  • spent around $2.3 billion on providing New Zealanders with housing support

MSD housing objectives

The Ministry of Social Development is working with the housing sector and other agencies to:

  • increase the supply of public, emergency and transitional housing
  • support people with services to help them stay safely housed, address the issues that put them at risk and build better lives.

MSD - helping people with a housing need

Each person who comes to MSD for help with housing usually experiences the following stages depending on their personal circumstances.

How MSD helps people with a housing need - Link below image has long description