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How we plan public housing supply - 2018 Public Housing Plan

The 2018 Public Housing Plan sets out how and where we will fund more public and transitional housing, as well as programmes such as Housing First.

The Public Housing Plan 2018 enables providers, developers, investors and others in the housing sector to plan investment and form partnerships to deliver housing and services.

Strategic partnering - how we work with our housing partners

We build long-term, collaborative partnerships across the sector to deliver more housing places and services. These are based on:

  • clear agreed common goals
  • value-add results that could not be individually achieved
  • complementary strengths, skills and assets
  • simpler, more transparent procurement and commercial arrangements
  • open and proactive information sharing and communication.

How to become a housing partner

Partnering with us to deliver housing supply and services involves a two-stage gateway process.

The first gate identifies (and establishes the capacity and capability of) partners that the Ministry will work with (ready to do business).

The second gate applies when projects are identified by or allocated to one or more partners (scheme / project specific).

Contract framework

We have developed a simpler and more consistent way of contracting for housing. We have listened to providers and staff feedback, run workshops with providers and agencies and worked with legal experts.

How we fund housing and housing related services

No one organisation or model of service delivery will achieve what is needed to meet housing demand in New Zealand – a flexible model is needed to deliver housing supply and services.

We are actively updating our commercial settings to enable more flexibility – for example, opportunities for direct leasing and private investment.

We will publish new information as the settings are updated.

Currently the Ministry funds additional public housing supply via:

  • the Income Related Rent Subsidy
  • the operating supplement – payments made on top of IRRS calculated as a percentage of market rent to help meet the costs required to deliver new supply where rental returns alone are not sufficient to do so.

To access the government’s Income Related Rent Subsidy (IRRS) for new public housing tenancies, community housing providers must first be registered with the Community Housing Regulatory Authority (CHRA).

Whats new
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