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Housing people faster

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Reducing the time it takes to house people with a severe need for housing by 20 percent is the target for 2021.

For people and families facing homelessness, severely crowded or inadequate accommodation such as boarding houses or garages, moving into stable, safe housing makes a big difference.

In March 2017, six in every ten applicants for social housing had a severe need for housing and were considered to be at risk – making them priority A.

In 2016, it took a median time of 48 days to house priority A applicants on the Social Housing Register. Our 2021 target is to cut this time by 20 per cent. This is a Better Public Services target called Result 8: Better access to social housing. It is set by the Government to improve public services for New Zealanders.

For vulnerable people and families, it will mean less time at risk, a faster transition to a safe place to live and a better opportunity to access the support they need to turn their lives around.