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Engagement on the draft New Zealand Carers’ Strategy Action Plan 2019 – 2023

Engagement on the draft Carers’ Strategy Action Plan will take place in July and August 2019

Thank you to everyone who took part in our initial engagement in October 2018. Your contribution has helped shape the draft of the new Action Plan.

In July and August 2019, we will be undertaking further public engagement to make sure the proposed new Action Plan reflects what you say matters to you.

This is an opportunity for all carers, as well as the people they support and people who support them, to have their say.

Consultation on the draft Action Plan has ended

Submissions have now closed. Thank you for those who attended a workshop, completed the survey or sent in their submission.

We will publish a summary of submissions soon.

What does the draft Action Plan look like?

The draft Action Plan 2019 – 2023 builds on previous work and seeks to reflect what you told us matters most.

Development of the draft Action Plan has been shaped by:

  • Initial engagement with carers in 2018 and consultation from previous Action Plans
  • Advice from people and organisations that support carers
  • New Zealand and international research on carers

The proposed draft Action Plan seeks to support carer wellbeing and make sure that caring is sustainable.

The draft Action Plan is organised under four focus areas that reflect what carers have told us is most important to them:

  • Recognising: recognising carers and their contributions
  • Navigating: ensuring carers receive support and services
  • Supporting: caring for carers – supporting wellbeing and building skills
  • Balancing: supporting paid work, study and other interests

The Action Plan seeks to support all carers. In addition, the proposed draft Action Plan has a focus on improving the access to services and support for Māori, Pacific, younger (25 years and younger) and older (65 years and older) carers.

What did we hear during initial engagement in 2018?

In October 2018 we undertook initial engagement with carers around New Zealand. Thank you to those who took part in one of our workshops or filled out the online survey.

Your contributions have helped shape the new draft Action Plan.

We have also heard from organisations, professionals and researchers who work with carers.

Some of the things we heard are:

  • Caring is something many people do because it’s ‘right’ or ‘part of being family’.
  • Being able to take a break is important, but accessing the right support is still difficult.
  • Support systems are complex and can be hard to navigate.
  • Culturally appropriate information and services can be difficult to find.
  • Without the right support, caring can impact your health and wellbeing, ability to socialise, finances, employment and educational aspirations, identity, and more.

We recognise that caring is also something valued by carers and could have positive impacts in your lives.

All of these issues have been considered in developing the proposed new Action Plan.

We also know that providing care is different for everyone. Your experiences depend on your age, culture, where you live, the needs of the person you care for, and your family circumstances. This means the support you need is probably not the same as everyone else.

What is the Carers’ Strategy?

The New Zealand Carers’ Strategy was launched in 2008 in partnership with government agencies and the New Zealand Carers Alliance.

The Carers’ Strategy aims to improve support for individuals, families, whānau and aiga who look after friends and family who have a health condition, disability, illness or injury and need help with everyday living.

One in ten New Zealanders are a carer.

The Carers’ Strategy vision is that:

“New Zealand Aotearoa is a society that values individuals, families, whānau or aiga who support others who need help with their everyday living.”

This will be achieved when:

  • Carers have choices and opportunities to participate in family life, social activities, employment and education.
  • Carers’ voices are heard in decision-making that affects them.

To achieve this vision the Carers’ Strategy is accompanied by Action Plans. These plans set out the actions that government agencies and their non-government partners will carry out over a five year period.

The Carers’ Strategy Action Plan for 2019 – 2023 is currently under development.

Where can you get support now?

  • A Guide for Carers: this guide provides information on supports, financial and non-financial available to carers and how to access them
  • CarersNZ website: provides a hub for ideas, guidance, learning and support. This includes things like “Find Services and Support” tool, and a Time Out Guide
  • CareMatters: provides a National Carer Learning and Wellbeing Resource Service with online resources, face-to-face workshop information, and care planning
  • MyCare: Online matching service that aims to find carers access to respite carers