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Organisational Capability Framework

The aim of Investing in Services for Outcomes (ISO) is to achieve better outcomes through more effective engagement with community service providers. The Organisational Capability Framework is one way the Ministry is supporting community organisations receiving MSD funding to become stronger, more adaptable and more sustainable.

The ISO Organisational Capability Framework includes three key elements:

  • a tool for assessing your organisation’s current capability (the Organisational Capability Self-Assessment Tool)
  • funding and support for your organisation to become stronger and more sustainable (Capability Investment Resource – also known as CIR)
  • access to mentors with proven skills and experience in coaching organisations to become stronger, more integrated and more sustainable (Capability Mentors Qualified Supplier List).

Organisational Capability Self-Assessment Tool

The Ministry’s Organisational Capability Self-Assessment Tool identifies good practice elements for 10 organisational capabilities that are characteristic of strong and sustainable organisations. It was developed by the Ministry in consultation with New Zealand and international capability specialists and researchers and the Minister for Social Development’s NGO Advisory Group, and tested by a range of MSD-funded organisations.

The first release has been designed specifically for MSD-funded providers that are just beginning an organisational capability assessment and strengthening programme. It’s planned that over time, the tool will be further developed and evolve to meet the changing needs of the sector.

Capability Investment Resource (CIR)

The Capability Investment Resource (CIR) is a $31.65 million resource being distributed over four years (from 2012/2013) to support a stronger, adaptable and more integrated social sector.

Capability Mentors Qualified Supplier List

The Investing in Services for Outcomes capability mentors are people and organisations with skills and experience in supporting and coaching community organisations to develop the capabilities characteristic of strong, adaptable and integrated organisations.