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Ideas Bank

The following webpages and online resources provide useful information for organisations interested in developing capacity and capability in the areas of governance, leadership, management, workforce development, outcomes focus, innovation, collaboration and organisational responsiveness.

Capacity and Capability

Capacity, Change and Performance

This co-authored study report from the European Centre for Development Policy Management takes an in-depth look at the concept of capacity and capacity development and the relationship with change and performance. The study report includes 16 case studies, a comparative study of two of the cases, and a review of capacity issues in NGOs in South Asia.

Capacity Building Strategy

GEO Network for Capacity Building (GEO-Net-CaB) project aims to improvement and increase capacity building activities. The website includes success stories, regional case studies and a marketing tool kit.

Governance and Organisational Development

Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of the Nonprofit Board

This Pew Charitable Trust summary document explains Harvard University Research Fellow Bill Ryan’s Governance framework and modes of governance, considering the nature of governance and leadership in non-profit organisations and the benefits of offering board members more meaningful and consequential work.

Leading Adaptively

This Cambridge Leadership Association newsletter looks at qualities of adaptive leadership culture and the skills of transparency.

Leadership in an age of uncertainty

This MIT Leadership Centre research brief seeks to provide a framework that integrates leadership theories, while focusing on what leaders actually do. The framework views leadership as a capacity that both individuals and groups possess.

Leadership capability profile

The Leadership Capability Profile aims to outline the skills and capabilities required to lead effectively in the State Services. It describes the personal attributes combined with leadership capabilities to enable high potential, high performing individuals to be successful in leading and managing complex organisations.

Local Forces for Good

In this Stanford Social Innovation Review article the authors of Forces for Good examine how their framework for creating high-impact nonprofits applies to local and smaller organisations.


Better Public Services

In 2012, the Government set 10 challenging results for the public sector to achieve over the next five years. Ministers and a public sector chief executive have been appointed to lead each result and will be accountable for demonstrating real progress against his or her result.

Results Base Accountability (RBA)

RBA is a well utilised and evidence outcomes framework. These Family and Community Services web pages provide extensive information and resources that will guide the practical experience and use of RBA.

How Do We Build the Capacity of Nonprofits to Evaluate, Learn and Improve?

This Grantmakers for Effective Organisations briefing paper discusses how grantmakers can support non-profits’ efforts to learn, improve and, ultimately, expand their impact. It looks at the potential of evaluation and information sharing.

Innovation and Collaboration

Mergers, alliances and related strategies

UnitingCare West, CEO Chris Hall’s report examines the role of mergers, alliances and related strategies in enhancing the future effectiveness and sustainability of not-for-profit organisations in Australia following a Winston Churchill Fellowship trip to the UK and America

Driving effective collaboration for a sustainable future

The Partnering Initiative is a London-based organisation that works with individuals, organisations, partnerships and systems to inspire, promote and support the use of cross-sector partnerships worldwide. The website includes an array of useful resources, case studies and articles.

Collective Impact

This Stanford Social Innovation Review article examines large-scale social change through collective impact with examples of successful examples of collective approaches in America.

Innovation Is Not the Holy Grail

Christian Steelos and Johanna Mair’s Standford Social Innovation Review articles focuses on moving innovation from an ideology to a process.

Moving Forward Together (case study)

In 2010 Alzheimer Auckland Inc and Alzheimers Counties Manukau Inc joined together to form one united organisation – Alzheimers Auckland Charitable Trust. This is their story.

Refugee Services Aotearoa becomes part of New Zealand Red Cross

On 10 December 2012 Refugee Services Aotearoa became part of New Zealand Red Cross in order to further improve resettlement for refugees and their families throughout the country.

Risen from the rubble (case study)

The 2011 Canterbury earthquakes saw significant disruption and forced change, but there has been a silver lining for Mental Health Advocacy and Peer Support Christchurch.

Organisational Responsiveness

Evaluation of the Mäori Provider Development Scheme

This Ministry of Health evaluation assessed how effective the Māori Provider Development Scheme (MPDS) has been at building the capacity and capability of Māori health providers.

Building the Capacity of Māori and Iwi Providers

Fiona Cram’s literature review examines organisational capavity internationally and within New Zealand with a focus on Māori and Iwi providers and Child, Youth and Family’s Iwi Provider Development Fund.

The Whānau Ora Tool

The Whānau Ora Tool is a practical guide to developing health programmes where whānau, hapū, iwi and Māori communities play a leading role in achieving whānau ora.

Refugee Forum Standards for Engagement

Guidelines for central and local government, and NGOs working with refugee background communities.

Ethnicity Matters

The Office of Ethnic Affairs Guide is intended to help public sector organisations work with and respond to the needs of ethnic communities.

Child Protection Guide

This step-by-step guide, developed by Child Matters, aims to help organisations manage risk and keep children safe. It includes a process for evaluating how safe your organisation is for children and a framework for developing child protection policies and practices.

Including a disability perspective

The Office for Disability Issues offers a range of guides and toolkits designed to help organisations implement the New Zealand Disability Strategy.

DIScover: Serving customers with disabilities

Upper Hutt City Council’s DIScover resource and training guide aim to increase disability awareness, educate staff and in turn enable disabled people to participate more fully in their communities.

A father and daughter fishing.
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