Migrant workers.

What has been done so far?

Development of initiatives

We have looked at more than 100 initiatives underway in New Zealand and overseas, to explore how they contribute to better connections and understanding between different communities, and where there is a need for new initiatives.

From this work, over 60 initiatives have so far been included in the Connecting Diverse Communities Work Programme. A series of new initiatives have been introduced, and more are in the pipeline. Further information is available in the ‘new developments’ page.

Public engagement

In 2007, fifteen community meetings were held in centres around New Zealand to hear what people think about how to strengthen relations between diverse communities, and what could be done to support people's identity and sense of belonging.

The key questions discussed at the forums were:

  • What does a 'cohesive society' mean to you?
  • What are the factors that you think contribute to a 'cohesive society'?
  • What do you think would help your community create, maintain or strengthen its sense of identity and belonging in New Zealand? What role can Government play to support people's identity and sense of belonging?
    • Do you think it is important for people from diverse communities to interact with each other? Why, or why not?
    • How well do you think that people from diverse communities interact with each other, for example, in your neighbourhood, at work or through school?
    • What do you think are the barriers to people interacting and forming relationships with each other?
  • What programmes, events or other initiatives are currently happening in your area that aim to strengthen relations between diverse communities? Which ones are working well, or not working, and why? Is there anything else that you think could be done in your area to strengthen relations?

In addition, a written questionnaire was sent out widely to local government agencies, community organisations and interested members of the public, in early 2008.

The report on the feedback obtained through the public engagement process is available at the link below.

More detailed information on the public engagement process can be found at the Office of Ethnic Affairs website.

Good Practice Forums

The Office of Ethnic Affairs and the Ministry of Social Development began hosting Good Practice Forums in April 2007. The purpose of the forums is to facilitate the exchange of good practice for working with New Zealand's diverse communities. These forums are public and are open to anyone with an interest, professional or personal.