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Community Investment Strategy resources

The Community Investment Strategy puts in place a system which will better align funding to meet the needs of the most vulnerable New Zealanders, based on evidence of what works.

We have a three year implementation plan based on six key elements:

Focusing more clearly on priority results

We will be open about the Government priorities driving our purchasing decisions. We will measure our progress towards achieving results through a Results Measurement Framework.

Providers will be able to see clearly how their services contribute to our priorities. Between 2016 and 2018, providers’ contracts with the Ministry of Social Development will become results-based, in line with the Results Measurement Framework.

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Building the evidence base

We will work with the Social Policy and Evaluation Research Unit (Superu) to build evidence about what works and what doesn’t.

Providers will see an emphasis on growing the evidence base and facilitating the use of evidence within the social sector.

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Improving the quality of data collection

We will refine the way we collect and use data, so we can group people based on common needs and better understand the impacts services have for them. This will help us invest in the places where it is most needed.

Providers may be asked to collect different information about the people they are helping. However, we will be mindful of people’s privacy rights and providers' workloads.

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Setting a clear direction for future funding

We will regularly update the Community Investment Strategy so that providers understand our priorities, and work in partnership with stakeholders to make investment decisions that support vulnerable people.

Providers will be able to plan for the future with more certainty and invest in service development with confidence.

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Simplifying compliance requirements

We are continuing to introduce streamlined contracting, monitoring and reporting, a single MSD-approvals framework and better cross-agency processes for purchasing.

Providers will spend less time on compliance, giving them more time to focus on achieving results.

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Building provider capability

We will support providers to become strong and sustainable, and to achieve and report on results.

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Young father with his son at a playground
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