Strategic direction

How we will measure progress

The Government expects that all State sector agencies will improve the way they deliver services and achieve better results and value for money.

We use a number of indicators to track and assess our progress and performance against our long-term outcomes so that we know whether we are delivering services well. The Ministry is committed to improving how we measure service performance so that we can better describe the impacts our services have on people.

In the past year the Ministry has made a concerted effort to develop a range of indicators that show a clear link between our services and the differences they make in the lives of those receiving them. We also regularly evaluate Ministry programmes to confirm that they meet our objectives.

We have a number of new programmes that started late in 2010. As these progress we will be able to capture the data and trends for future Statements of Intent.

We will measure our short-term performance against the output performance indicators in the Information Supporting the Estimates of Appropriations and Output Plans for each of our Votes. We will also report our progress on these in our Annual Report.



Statement of Intent 2011

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