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2016 Four-year Plan

This Four-Year Plan sets out the Ministry’s strategic direction for the next four years. It outlines the key priorities and work programmes that will contribute to achieving this strategic direction, meeting the priorities and expectations of government, and delivering better outcomes for New Zealanders.


Please note this document is as at 9 December 2015.

Since this Four-year Plan was written, Cabinet has agreed (in March 2016) to the establishment of a new child-centred operating model, to go live on 31 March 2017, that will fundamentally change how we support vulnerable children and young people.

Full implications for the medium term cannot yet be determined as critical decisions are still to be made about how to give effect to this new operating model; however, we know this will have significant impact on the functions and strategic direction of the Ministry over the next four years. As a consequence of these decisions and changes, this Four-year Plan has not been updated since it was written in December 2015. As decisions are made, we will update our organisational plans, strategies and priorities as appropriate.

We also note that over and above the changes to implement a new operating model for vulnerable children, many of the Ministry’s other key work programmes have evolved and changed since this Plan was written in December 2015.