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COVID-19 Protection Framework guidance for social service providers

The COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF) or 'traffic light system' is the next stage in our COVID-19 response plan. The traffic lights let social services open and operate in a way that is as close to normal for vaccinated people while minimising the spread of the virus. This helps keep people safe who are vulnerable or can’t be vaccinated right now, while they go about their daily lives.

The framework empowers social service providers and organisations to take responsibility for minimising the spread of COVID-19. Having a highly vaccinated population that regularly uses the My Vaccine Pass means we will be better able to protect our hospitals and health system.

Download the full guidance for providers (PDF 362 KB)

Operating under traffic lights

Social services can operate at all traffic light settings but some requirements change in different settings.

Understanding this guidance

The guidance and advice on this website is interim. It will be updated to reflect any changes in the COVID-19 Protection Framework Order.

Read all three parts to this guidance together:

Guidance for all COVID-19 Protection Settings

Traffic light guidance for providers

Other operational guidance

You also need to read the overarching COVID-19 Protection Framework - Unite against COVID-19

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