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Your rights

It's important for you to remain up-to-date and well-informed of your rights. 

The more you know, and the more information you have access to, the greater the chance that your legal decisions will be sound ones. Please select one of the following links to learn more about your specific rights as a senior citizen.

Rights and responsibilities

I want to know about my rights and responsibilities corresponding with the Ministry of Social Development and Work and Income.

Appointing someone as my representative or agent

I want to know more about appointing someone as my representative or agent.

Enduring power of attorney

I want to know more about giving someone Enduring power of attorney.

Home equity release

I want to know more about Home equity release  and how I may utilise it to meet my costs.

Who can help in making good decisions

I want to know who can help me with my legal and monetary decisions.

Trespassed clients

I want to know more about clients who have been trespassed from one or more Ministry of Social Development offices.

Privacy Statement

I want to know more about your Privacy Statement.