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Welcome to New Zealand Positive Ageing – Today and Tomorrow

Office for Senior Citizens.

The Positive Ageing Strategy (2001) provides the Government’s commitment to positive ageing. It recognises:

  • the value and importance of lifelong good health and wellbeing
  • that older people have an abundance of skills, knowledge and experience to contribute to our country
  • that we all have an interest in ensuring that older people can be active participants in society for as long as they possibly can.

Latest report on the Positive Ageing Strategy

The 2014 report on the Positive Ageing Strategy shows how New Zealand is doing in meeting the Positive Ageing Goals.

New Zealand is progressing well in most areas but there are are opportunities for improvement. We want this report to encourage debate and discussion on what an ageing population means for New Zealand. You can read the full report and supporting information below.

Information for councils and local organisations

Further information has been created for local councils and local organisations to use. This includes a PowerPoint on the main points of the report, and a spreadsheet of population projections by Territorial Authority from Statistics New Zealand.

Minister's Positive Ageing priorities

The basis for the Minister's positive ageing priorities are that older people are valued by society, and acknowledged for their contribution and participation. Priorities include:

  • protecting the rights and interests of older people by raising awareness of elder abuse, neglect and social isolation
  • supporting and promoting the economic activity of older people.

The New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy

The vision of the Positive Ageing Strategy is for a society where people can age positively, where older people are highly valued and recognised as an integral part of families and communities.

Ten positive ageing goals

The Positive Ageing Strategy contains ten goals to inspire and shape actions to achieve the strategy.

Older people in New Zealand

Information about New Zealand’s ageing population and trends in some key areas of interest for public policy. This information is currently being updated for the report on the Positive Ageing Strategy, which will be released in April 2015.

New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy – co-ordinated by the Office for Senior Citizens.