Two older men walking dogs on the beach.

Welcome to New Zealand Positive Ageing – Today and Tomorrow

Office for Senior Citizens.

This section of our website reports on the New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy and what is happening in New Zealand to improve the wellbeing of older people.

The New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy

The Strategy, how it was produced and how it is used by central and local government agencies.

Ten Positive Ageing Goals

Ten goals to inspire and shape actions to achieve the Positive Ageing Strategy.

Older people in New Zealand

Information about New Zealand’s ageing population and trends in some key areas of interest for public policy.

What are we doing?

What central and local government agencies are doing to promote positive ageing. Over time, we will add local information and stories from community and voluntary agencies.

How are we doing?

For each goal of the Positive Ageing Strategy, we provide indicators, an overall assessment, and suggestions of what more we could do to improve outcomes for older New Zealanders.

Minister’s key priorities

The Minister for Senior Citizens has identified three priority areas to champion positive ageing: employment of mature workers, changing attitudes about ageing and protecting the rights and interests of older people.

New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy – co-ordinated by the Office for Senior Citizens – hosted by the Ministry of Social Development