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New Zealand Superannuation

New Zealand Superannuation is funded from general taxation. It is paid at a flat rate and is not adjusted for income, assets or employment status. Where payment is made for a partner who has not reached the age of entitlement to New Zealand Superannuation the rate of payment will be adjusted for income.

The age of entitlement is 65 years and New Zealand Superannuation is generally available to those people who have been resident and present in New Zealand for 10 years, including five years since the age of 50 years. However, people may qualify for New Zealand Superannuation with less than 10 years residence if they have migrated to New Zealand from countries with which New Zealand has a social security agreement.


If you are a veteran, you may be entitled to special benefits or pensions in recognition of your service.  Here are some useful phone numbers for discussing these entitlements.

The main entitlements for veterans are:

  • Veteran’s Pension is a fortnightly payment for veterans who have served in a war or other emergency and have a disability (administered by the Ministry of Social Development).
  • Disablement Pension is a fortnightly payment for people who have a disability caused by a war or other emergency they served in (administered by Veterans' Affairs which provides policy advice to the government and service delivery to the veteran community).

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