Overseas Pensions

Eligibility and deduction of overseas pensions

Overseas pensions and benefits are benefits, pensions and periodical allowances paid under a programme that: 

  • provides benefits, pensions and periodical allowances for the same circumstances for which New Zealand benefits or pensions would be paid (e.g. old age/retirement, survivor's and disability pensions); and
  •  is administered by, or on behalf of, an overseas government.

You and your spouse/partner are legally obliged to apply for any overseas benefit or pension to which you may be entitled if you want to receive New Zealand benefits and pensions.

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Overseas pensions deduction examples

Four examples of how the deduction of your overseas pensions may affect your New Zealand benefit or pension entitlements. 

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Questions and answers on overseas pensions

Questions and answers on overseas pensions for clients living in New Zealand and who are entitled to receive an overseas benefit or pension.

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Clients living overseas

New Zealand has social security agreements with some countries that may make it easier for people to get certain benefits or pensions from New Zealand or from those countries.

If you can get a state social security benefit, pension or periodic allowance from another country you are obliged to claim it and you must tell us.

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