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NZ Super and Veteran's Pension

New Zealand Superannuation

New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super) is a payment you can get when you reach 65 years of age. You need to meet a few conditions such as being a New Zealand citizen/permanent resident and living in New Zealand for a certain amount of time.

Veteran's Pension

The Veteran’s Pension is a payment for New Zealand veterans.

It’s paid at the same rate and has most of the same rules as NZ Super, with some extra benefits for veterans and their partner if they have one.

Veteran’s Pension is administered by the Ministry of Social Development on behalf of Veterans’ Affairs.

Who can get it?

If you're a veteran and have reached the qualifying age for NZ Super (65 years) you may be able to get a Veteran’s Pension if you have qualifying service confirmed by Veterans’ Affairs.

Extra benefits for veterans

If you're eligible for Veteran’s Pension and Veterans’ Affairs have assessed you as having a disablement rating of 52% or more, you and your partner may be entitled to extra support including:

  • automatic entitlement to a SuperGold Card/Community Services Card
  • a lump sum payment when either you or your partner die
  • your Veteran’s Pension payments are not reduced if you need long-term hospital care.

Veterans under 65 years

If you're a veteran under 65 years of age, and have a disability as a result of a service related injury or illness, you may qualify for Weekly Income Compensation from Veterans’ Affairs

Other entitlements for veterans

If you’re a veteran, you may be entitled to special benefits or pensions in recognition of your service.

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