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Help with Living Costs

Help with housing costs

You may qualify for financial assistance with housing costs such as:

Accommodation Supplement

You may be eligible for a regular payment to help with rent, board or the cost of owning a home (called an Accommodation Supplement).  It will be included with your fortnightly payments if you already receive a New Zealand Superannuation.

Temporary Additional Support

Temporary Additional Support is a weekly payment to help if you’re having trouble meeting your essential living costs given your current income (either from personal earnings or other assistance).  If you qualify for this entitlement, and you already receive a New Zealand Superannuation, it will be added to your fortnightly payments.


Local Government Rates rebate

A Local Government Rates rebate is assistance in the form of a subsidy if you are a low-income homeowner. 

Special Needs Grant - Work and Income

If you are facing an emergency payment deadline or need to pay for something urgently and have no other means to pay for it, you may qualify for a Special Needs Grant.

Examples of such emergency costs are:

  • emergency medical or dental treatment
  • buying food
  • paying for power and gas
  • travel costs to attend a family member’s funeral

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Advance Payment

If you are getting a pension or a benefit and have an immediate need for something essential you may be able to get an advance payment. We generally pay the supplier for the goods or services you need.

Examples of immediate needs are:

  • appliances
  • furniture
  • bedding
  • rent

Help with Social Housing

For help with social housing you can call 0800 552 002, or visit the housing website:

Funeral Grant

You may be offered a Funeral Grant if you are responsible for paying the funeral costs of someone close to you.  There is no time limit on when you can apply for this assistance. 

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