What we can do for

Children and Young People / Ko ngā tamariki me ngā Rangatahi

We’re here to help every child in New Zealand have the best start in life and grow up in a safe and happy environment.

As they grow, we can help young people achieve their potential and gain the tools they need to make good decisions for their futures.

How can we help?

Keeping kids safe

Child, Youth and Family website

Child, Youth and Family work with families to ensure children and young people are safe and live in an environment in which they thrive. We provide families with support to raise confident, secure children.

The White Paper for Vulnerable Children ad

The White Paper for Vulnerable Children and the Children’s Action Plan set out how everyone can play their part in protecting vulnerable children. The proposals in the White Paper are the result of months of research, discussion and policy development. You can also view a summary of the nearly 10,000 submissions received on the Green Paper as well as submissions from NGOs and other organisations.

Family Violence - It's Not Ok!

Family Violence - It's Not Ok! provides information about family violence, what it is and where to get help.

Power to Protect shares information about shaken baby syndrome, tips to help keep your baby safe, and where you can go for help. Never, ever shake a baby.

Financial assistance

Work and Income website

Work and Income may be able to provide financial help, even if you’re working, whether you’re looking after your own or someone else’s child.

Working for Families

Working for Families is an income assistance package making it easier to work and raise a family, with payments to thousands of New Zealand families through tax credits, and help with housing and childcare costs.

Caregiving and adoptions

Child, Youth and Family There's a variety of ways you can make a difference to our children's lives. You might be able to give a night or a weekend to give other carers a break, or you may want to welcome a child into your home for a longer time.

The Guide for Carers provides practical help for people caring for family or friends who are older or have ill health, a disability or a mental health, alcohol or other drug issue.

Raising children

Strengthening Families You and your family don't have to face life's challenges alone.

Early Years initiatives Helping families build their resilience and resources so they have the skills and knowledge to manage their own futures well.

SKIP website

SKIP (Strategies with Kids Information for Parents) supports parents and whānau to guide their children's behaviour in a positive way. It also offers information and inspiration to those organisations and groups who work alongside parents of babies and young children.

Support for young adults

Youth Service website

Youth Service supports young people aged 16 to 17 years and parents aged between 16 and 19 most at risk of long-term benefit receipt into education, training or work-based learning. It helps young people gain the skills they need to get employment and create a future for them and their family.

Work and Income website

Work and Income offer a number of services for young people aged 16 to 19 to help improve skills through education, training, work or other related activities.

Limited Service Volunteer is a six-week motivational course run by the New Zealand Defence Force. It aims to increase the number of young people entering employment or training by improving their self-discipline, self confidence, motivation and initiative.

Aotearoa Youth Voices offers young New Zealanders aged 12 – 24 years a way to have their voice heard by government and community decision-makers. Aotearoa Youth Voices helps connect you to young people nationwide who want to make a difference and helps you grow your skills to ensure your voice is heard on issues affecting you.

How to find services

Community Investment can help you get the support you need from within your own community. They have information on the many services available nationwide such as addiction, training, child raising and legal advice.

You can search for contact details of over 6,000 family and community services using their Family Services Directory.

Community Links are where people can get help for a range of needs by a variety of social services and agencies in one place. These services could range from simple financial assistance through to advocacy, support, education and counselling services.

Heartland Services website

Heartland Service Centres provide access to government services and information in rural communities. They provide an opportunity to meet face to face with government agency representatives.