Boy at home with family

Transitional (or emergency) housing

People without homes are the first priority. Emergency and transitional housing places are being increased as support for people with nowhere to live.

Emergency Housing Special Needs Grant

In July 2016, the Emergency Housing Special Needs Grant was introduced.

The grant supports people and families with the cost of short term accommodation in times of urgent need. The aim is for tenants to spend no longer than seven days in such housing.

Transitional housing

Transitional Housing Government commitments

Transitional housing is for an average of 12 weeks while tenants’ needs are assessed and long-term housing and support is organised.

Transitional housing places

Every transitional housing place is managed by specialist community housing providers, skilled in providing a range of social and tenancy-related support. People receive support for a further 12 to 14 weeks once they move into more sustainable accommodation.

The Government has committed $354 million to provide 2,150 emergency and transitional housing places to help 8600 families every year, with 3660 of these to be in Auckland.