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Demand for social housing

Demand for social housing has been growing. More people are experiencing a severe, immediate need for housing. This demand is generated by a shortage of housing driving up house prices and rents.

People on low incomes are most affected by rising housing costs and many seek relief from these pressures in taxpayer-subsidised social housing. Demand is increasingly strong for one-bedroom and two-bedroom social housing.

Social Housing Register – diverse needs

People who have applied and are eligible for social housing go on the Housing Register. Social housing tenants who have applied to transfer to another place go on the Transfer Register. Together, the two registers make up the Social Housing Register.

The Social Housing Register gives valuable data about demand for social housing and the needs of New Zealanders in relation to social housing. The Ministry of Social Development manages the Social Housing Register.

Social Housing Quarterly Report – demand, supply and support

The Social Housing Quarterly Report provides a fuller picture of the progress we’re making to bring on additional supply, and how we support people with their housing and accommodation.

People who need social housing are diverse

Information contained in the Social Housing Register shows that people who need and access social housing are diverse. The following graphic gives you an overview of the ‘make-up' of people who are currently on the Social Housing Register:

Chart of people who need social housing