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Simplifying our service

Digital technologies are shifting how people engage and carry out transactions with each other, with businesses and other organisations.

At MSD, these developments are providing opportunities for us to rethink how we transact with clients, improve our services and make it easier for clients to get the support they need.

Most of our clients have gone digital already – at least 85 per cent of working age clients have somewhere they can access the Internet, and 60 per cent have Internet-capable mobile phones. And the percentages continue to grow.

By providing digital service options for clients who can do things for themselves, we can invest more of our time where it will make the biggest difference for vulnerable New Zealanders.

The Simplification Programme is providing ways for clients to access MSD services anytime and anywhere, backed by smart technology that speeds up and simplifies processes, and minimises the need for data entry and duplicated effort.

For example, the product, MyMSD allows MSD clients to use PCs or mobile devices to go online at any time to view and change appointments, manage personal information, check their payments and advise us of changes in their circumstances.

MSD has introduced Voice Enabled Technology in its contact centres so that clients ranging from students to job seekers and seniors can get the personalised help they need without waiting to talk to one of our staff. Clients are encouraged to enter their client number when calling. Then they just need to say in their own words why they are calling. The system can route their call to more specialist support teams, or play messages providing information such as next payment details, appointment reminders and the status of student loan and allowance applications.

Applications for financial assistance can already be made over the Work and Income website. We are gradually reducing the need for further data entry by automating the way client-related data is delivered to underlying systems. We are working on functionality that will pre-populate fields in online forms based on what clients have already told us during previous interactions.

MSD staff are proactively working with clients over the phone and in service centres to encourage and support them to use the new services so that they can do things for themselves, and manage their information independently.

Meanwhile we are working to improve our processes, automate tasks and cut down on data entry and rework to make us a more effective and efficient organisation.

MSD’s Service Delivery group services more than a million clients and manages $20 billion of government expenditure annually, so we’re expecting Simplification to make an important contribution to the country’s well-being.

The Government’s Better Public Service targets include the expectation that New Zealanders are able to complete transactions with government easily in a digital environment.

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