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Working for Families

Working for Families

Working for Families is a government package that is putting more money in the pockets of New Zealand’s low-and-middle income families with children, and making work pay for parents who move off benefit into work.

The Working for Families package

The Working for Families package has four components including increasing family incomes and making work pay, more affordable housing, help with childcare costs and a simpler system.

Information for clients and how to apply

People wishing to check their eligibility can simply call one of the numbers below.

A brochure for clients is also available.

Accommodation Supplement and Childcare Assistance 0800 774 004
Monday – Friday, 7am – 8pm, Saturday 8am – 1pm.

Working for Families Tax Credits 0800 227 773
Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm.

Information for clients is available from the Working for Families website.