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Information on monitored medical alarms funded through Disability Allowance

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has undertaken an open and competitive selection process for determining which medical alarm suppliers will be accredited to supply monitored medical alarms paid through Disability Allowance.

MSD has negotiated with medical alarm suppliers to ensure our clients are receiving a quality service at a competitive price.

As a result of this accreditation review, four companies are MSD-accredited for the supply of medical alarm services from 5 May 2014.

These four companies are (in alphabetical order):

  • ADT Security
  • Chubb New Zealand Limited
  • Freedom Alarms Limited
  • St John.

Clients can remain with their current supplier or transfer to one of the above four suppliers. Clients do not have to change supplier unless they wish to do so. MSD will continue to fund a client’s medical alarm cost through Disability Allowance if they choose to stay with their current supplier.

Linda on the phone
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