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Investing in Services for Outcomes

Investing in Services for Outcomes (ISO) was launched by the Government in June 2012. The programme of work was designed to ensure the social services MSD invests in make a tangible, positive difference for people, families, whānau and communities by targeting investment to the right people, programmes and providers. ISO included development of:

an investment framework and strategy to:

  • connect funding decisions with Government priorities and areas of greatest community need
  • give providers more certainty to enable them to invest in the right areas
  • increase consistency in the Ministry’s decision making and funding processes
  • help ensure that Ministry-funded community-based social services are targeted at the right people and the right community, based on evidence of what works

an organisational capability framework to support providers:

  • develop their capability and capacity
  • work collaboratively to build strong relationships and develop joined-up and innovative approaches
  • achieve priority outcomes

a contracting approach to:

  • streamline the contracting process to consolidate and reduce the number of contracts providers have with the Ministry
  • review monitoring and reporting requirements to ensure only information that is needed and used is collected
  • introduce relationship management plans and a single relationship manager for providers to have one point of contact with the Ministry
  • increasingly focus on long-term outcomes-based contracts

The Investing in Services for Outcomes programme led to the establishment in October 2014 of Community Investment, a new business unit within the Ministry of Social Development. Community Investment brought together what was Family and Community Services and the funding and contracting functions of Child, Youth and Family.

In June 2015 the Minister for Social Development launched the Community Investment Strategy, to be implemented over a three year period between 2015-2018.

The Community Investment Strategy has three priority results:

  • supporting vulnerable children, children in hardship, and reducing child maltreatment
  • supporting vulnerable young people, including youth offenders, and reducing youth crime
  • supporting victims/survivors, addressing perpetrators' behaviour, and reducing violent crime (family violence, sexual violence)

The Strategy is being implemented through six key elements:

  • focusing more clearly on priority results
  • building the evidence base
  • improving the quality of data collection
  • setting a clear direction for funding
  • simplifying compliance requirements
  • building provider capability