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Investing in Services for Outcomes

The Ministry of Social Development wants to achieve better results for people from the investment it makes in services for vulnerable New Zealanders.

Through the Investing in Services for Outcomes (ISO) programme the Ministry implemented a work programme to strengthen and streamline its contracting processes with service providers. The work programme included development of a Strategic Investment Framework and the Community Investment Strategy to:

  • connect funding decisions with Government priorities and areas of greatest community need
  • give providers more certainty to enable them to invest in the right areas
  • increase consistency in the Ministry’s decision making and funding processes.

Through our Organisational Capability Framework we are supporting providers to:

  • develop their capability and capacity
  • work collaboratively to build strong relationships and develop joined-up and innovative approaches
  • achieve priority outcomes.

Through our work with providers we are:

  • streamlining the contracting process to consolidate and reduce the number of contracts providers have with the Ministry
  • reviewing monitoring and reporting requirements to ensure only information that is needed and used is collected
  • introducing relationship management plans and a single relationship manager for providers to have one point of contact with the Ministry
  • increasingly focusing on long-term outcomes-based contracts.