Young people brakedancing.

Youth Gangs in New Zealand

This is the place to get information about Youth Gangs in New Zealand and the work the government is doing on the issue.

Find out what makes a young person become a gang member by reading our research report.

See what is happening on the ground by looking at the Plan of Action.

The Problem

Youth Gangs have existed in New Zealand for generations. But in the past couple of years they have hit the headlines in a big way. In 2006 in response to an increase in gang activity in the South Auckland area the government decided to really find out what was behind the violence so that measures could be taken to help young people and families caught up in gangs. The result was a comprehensive research report into Youth Gangs in New Zealand.

The Plan

The Ministry of Social Development along with other agencies then developed a Plan of Action for Counties Manukau and Otahuhu with 26 action points ranging from the establishment of youth action teams to cops in schools.

The Plan of Action is well on course and community leaders in the area report a reduction in gang related activity.

Summary Of The Review of The Plan of Action: Improving Outcomes For Young People In Counties Manukau

In 2006 following community consultation key government and community agencies agreed a Plan of Action: Improving Outcomes for Young People in Counties Manukau, involving improved coordination of existing services and increased funding for new or expanded services to reduce youth crime and gang involvement in South Auckland.

This report reviews the progress and effectiveness of the Plan of Action.