Large group of children playing tug-of-war.

Extended Services

What are Extended Services?

Extended Services are school-based OSCAR programmes that receive extra help to extend the range of activities they offer to provide stimulating, healthy activities for children of all ages from five to their 14th birthday. Extended Services:

  • receive three-year guaranteed funding to extend their OSCAR programmes
  • talk to their local communities, children and young people to see what sorts of activities they want to see offered
  • focus on improving the health and general wellbeing of children and young people at their programmes.

The Government is funding twelve Extended Services in low-decile, urban schools by 2010. The first Extended Services began operating in February 2008 and the second four services began operating in February 2009. The final four services have now been selected and will start operating in February 2010.

Extended Services are operating in the following areas

All twelve Extended Service programmes are now operating. They are providing some great programmes for their children and young people. Activities range from setting up edible gardens and cooking classes to producing material for the school's FM radio station and running a programme to help prepare older children for their first jobs.

These programmes have more great initiatives planned for the children and young people that attend their programmes.

Extended Services providers are based at:

  • McLaren Park and Henderson South Community initiative (MPHS) Children and Youth Activities OSCAR programme based at Henderson South Primary School in Henderson, Auckland
  • Rhode Street School Sustainable Kids OSCAR programme based at Rhode Street School in Dinsdale, Hamilton
  • The Rata Street School OSCAR programme based at Rata Street School in Naenae, Wellington
  • The Neighbourhood Trust's Glenmoor OSCAR programme based at Glenmoor School in Mariehau, Christchurch
  • The Moerewa School OSCAR programme, based at Moerewa School in Northland
  • The Riverina School OSCAR programme, based at Riverina School in Pakuranga, Auckland
  • Kreative Kidz OSCAR Extended Services, based at Selwyn School in Rotorua and;
  • Waltham Out of School Hours Incorporated (WOOSH) Extended programmes, based at Waltham Primary School in Christchurch
  • Kea Kids Club Manukau, based at Leabank and Finlayson Park Schools in Manurewa
  • Skids Henderson, based at Henderson Primary School, Henderson
  • South Hokianga OSCAR Charitable Trust, based at Opononi School, Opononi
  • YMCA Nelson, based at Victory School Nelson.

Some of the programmes have their own websites:

You can read more about what happened in the first full year at the year one Extended Service programmes, by reading the following document;