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Community Investment Strategy

Community Investment Strategy

What is the Community Investment Strategy?

The Ministry of Social Development invests over $300 million in community-based social services each year. These services help support our most vulnerable children, young people and adults to be safe, strong and independent.

The Community Investment Strategy was launched in June 2015 and helps ensure that these services are targeted at the right people and the right communities, based on evidence of what works.

This way, we can make the biggest difference with the people that need our support the most.

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Community Investment Strategy Update 2016 (August)

A Community Investment Strategy Update has now been completed and can be accessed here.

The Update summarises what we achieved in the first year of the three-year implementation process, sets out the direction for the next 12 months and aligns with the work programme to establish the new Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki.

Since the release of the Strategy in 2015 MSD has been developing its social investment approach to contracting for programmes and services. This allows us to better deliver effective programmes and services to the right people at the right time.

A social investment approach is about providing up-front investment to support people most at risk of poor outcomes later on in life. We will use the technology and data available to help us understand the people who rely on the programmes and services we invest in.

We want providers to be able to spend more time working with their clients and collecting information about the results they’re getting, and less time meeting our contract compliance requirements.

Our focus is on ensuring there is sufficient evidence about the programmes and services we fund for us to be confident they will work. We are confident the Community Investment Strategy will enable us to achieve this.

Implementing the Strategy

The Community Investment Strategy is being implemented over a three year period and across six key elements.

Access tools, resources and detailed information about how we are progressing with:

Focusing more clearly on priority results

- including priority result areas, line by line review updates, and the Results Measurement Framework.

Building the evidence base

- including our evaluation schedule and evidence schedule and review methodology

Setting a clear direction for funding

- including Strategy updates and community engagement

Simplifying compliance requirements

- including streamlined contracting, contract redesign and cross-government accreditation

Building provider capability

- including the Capability Investment Resource and our future provider capability plans