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About the Community Investment Strategy

The Community Investment Strategy aims to better align funding to those with the highest needs, and to programmes and providers who demonstrate they are meeting these needs, with evidence about what works.

It will be implemented over a three year period between 2015 - 2018, which means that while there will be fundamental changes to the way we work, they won't all happen at once.

Rather, we are building a system which will allow us to continuously improve the results we achieve for vulnerable New Zealanders.

The Community Investment Strategy has three priority results:

  • Supporting vulnerable children, children in hardship, and reducing child maltreatment.
  • Supporting vulnerable young people, including youth offenders, and reducing youth crime.
  • Supporting victims/survivors, addressing perpetrators' behaviour, and reducing violent crime (family violence, sexual violence).

The Strategy is being implemented through six key elements:

  • Focusing more clearly on priority results, including results measures in providers' contracts.
  • Building the evidence base so funding is directed at services that have proven results.
  • Improving the quality of data collection so services can be targeted where needed most.
  • Setting a clear direction for future funding so providers can understand our priorities and we can work together to achieve results.
  • Simplifying compliance requirements, so providers can focus on delivering services.
  • Building provider capability to support providers to be sustainable, and help providers move towards results-based contracts.

The Community Investment Strategy applies to all social services purchased by our Community Investment business group and the Ministry of Youth Development.

It does not apply to employment services purchased for Work and Income.

The Community Investment Strategy aligns well with other major initiatives including the Children’s Action Plan, Youth Crime Action Plan and the Cross-government Family Violence and Sexual Violence Work Programme.

It also aligns with the Productivity Commission report: More effective social services.

Group of people holding a parachute.
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