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Better Public Services

In 2012, the Government set 10 challenging results for the public sector to achieve over a five years period, and in May 2017 announced six new targets. Ministers and a public sector chief executive have been appointed to lead each result and will be accountable for demonstrating real progress against his or her result.

These targets, organised under seven themes, require a stretch beyond immediately deliverable results and highlight opportunities for new ways of working together to deliver better public services to New Zealanders. The work underway in these areas will, in time, demonstrate innovation and improvement across a connected, collaborative public sector.

The Ministry of Social Development is responsible for two programmes that will help the Government deliver Better Public Services.

The Ministry is working closely with other government agencies to achieve these results.

Reducing long-term welfare dependence

Result 1: By June 2018, a 25 per cent reduction (from 295,000 people in June 2014) in the total number of people receiving main benefits and a $13 billion reduction in the long-term cost of benefit dependence.

A good start to life

Result 2: Healthy mums and babies: By 2021, 90 per cent of pregnant women are registering with a Lead Maternity Carer in the first trimester, with equitable rates for all population groups.

Result 3: Keeping kids healthy: By 2021, reduce the number of hospitalisations of children (aged 0-12) for preventable conditions by 25 per cent.

Vulnerable children

Result 4: Safer kids: reduce assaults and abuse of children: By 2021, we aim to reduce the number of children experiencing a substantiated incidence of physical or sexual abuse by 20 per cent.

Strong foundation for work and life

Result 5: Improve mathematics and literacy skills: Increase the proportion of year 8 students achieving at or above the National Standard in writing, or at Manawa Ora or Manawa Toa in Nga Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori tuhituhi; and at or above the National Standard in mathematics, or at Manawa Ora or Manawa Toa in Nga Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori pāngarau.

Result 6: Upskill the New Zealand workforce: Increase the proportion of 25-34 year olds with a qualification at level 4 or above.

Reducing crime

Result 7: Reduce serious crime: Reduce the number of serious crimes by 10,000.

Better access to social housing

Result 8: Reduce the time it takes to house priority A clients on the social housing register by 20 per cent.

Improving interaction with government

Result 9: Easy and seamless services for business: Reduce business costs from dealing with government, through a year-on-year reduction in effort required to work with agencies; and Government services to business will have similar key performance ratings to leading private sector firms.

Result 10: People have easy access to public services: Increase the proportion of the twenty most common transactions completed digitally.