Stop sexual violence campaign image.

Are you that someone?

Are you that someone? is a short term campaign focussed on equipping young people with the confidence and knowledge to help stop sexual violence.

All too often we hear people talk about "someone" and how they should take action in response to a situation – "someone should lay a complaint, offer help, etc". This campaign takes that thought and prompts people by asking "Are you that someone?".


The message is expressed through four posters reflecting different scenarios where someone is at risk of sexual violence or where unwanted sexual contact is taking place. In each scenario the message makes it clear that the behaviour is not OK. The posters prompt the audience to think about what they could do.

You can download the posters from this page or order posters and postcards for free by emailing

Social media

Alongside the posters, there’s a conversation on social media. At and on Twitter #areyouthatsome1, young people are being encouraged to talk about what’s OK and what’s not and what they could or would do, and are being provided with relevant and useful information from a range of sources. The campaign targets 16 to 21 year olds, but is relevant to all of us.

Let’s stop sexual violence

Victims of sexual violence usually know the perpetrators and the events leading up to the assault are often witnessed by others. Let’s stop sexual violence by seeing the signs, speaking up and stepping in safely.