Tenure Protection Allowance

Between June 1993 and November 2000, a Tenure Protection Allowance was available to selected tenants in Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) or Te Puni Kōkiri housing. Tenure Protection Allowances were available to tenants who would face difficulty as a result of market-related rents if they were required to move to other accommodation. The Tenure Protection Allowance was set at the difference between:

  • the actual market rent payable
  • the average rent for a household of the same size in the same region.

Tenure Protection Allowances were a transitional provision for eligible tenants who were residing in state rental homes on 1 October 1992. No one has become eligible to receive an allowance since 1 October 1992, and the allowance was abolished following the reintroduction of income-related rents for state rental homes in November 2000.

For information about use of the Tenure Protection Allowance, see The Statistical Report for the Year Ending June 2004

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