Student Benefits

Main Benefits

StudyLink primarily administers and assesses eligibility for Unemployment Benefits –Student Hardship. This agency also assesses the eligibility for Unemployment Benefit or Emergency Benefit of 16–17 year olds who have been receiving a Student Allowance or have not previously been in full-time study.

Unemployment Benefits - Students Hardship

Unemployment Benefits – Student Hardship are paid weekly to help current and prospective students meet living costs during the study breaks. The amount paid depends on the client's personal situation such as age, living arrangements, income and assets.

To qualify for an Unemployment Benefit - Student Hardship students needs to be aged 18 or over, aged 16–17 and living with a partner, or aged 16–17 and approved for the Independent Circumstances Allowance administered by StudyLink. In addition, applicants must have either:

  • received a Student Allowance during the academic year
  • be entitled to receive a Student Allowance during the next academic year, or
  • be suffering hardship.

In addition, all applicants for an Unemployment Benefit - Student Hardship are required to:

  • meet asset and residency tests
  • actively seek full-time work during their study break, and to register with Student Job Search or Work and Income as part of this search.

Supplementary Assistance

The following supplementary assistance is available to students:

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