Step Up Scholarships

The Step Up Scholarship Scheme was piloted by StudyLink in 2004, and is aimed at students from low-income backgrounds who are studying approved full-time tertiary degree courses in the area of human or animal health and science or technology. In 2006, 240 scholarships were awarded to students undertaking animal or human health studies and 122 to students undertaking science and technology studies.

The scholarship helps to pay the compulsory fees for these courses providing all the terms and conditions of the scheme are met for the length of the qualification. Students are required to make a contribution towards their tuition fees of $1,000 for human or animal health and $2,000 for science and technology courses, which can be paid using a Student Loan. There is a bonding requirement for Step Up recipients to stay in New Zealand after graduation. A portion of the scholarship will be required to be repaid if a student doesn't stay in New Zealand for the applicable period.

To be eligible for Step Up Scholarships a student needs to:

  • be entitled to, and have applied for or be receiving, a Student Allowance
  • have course costs of at least $3,000
  • start each year of study between January and March
  • be aged 16-24 for human or animal health study, or have left secondary school within the last two years for science or technology study.

Bonded Merit Scholarships

Bonded Merit Scholarships were available from 1 January 2006. Five hundred Bonded Merit Scholarships were awarded in 2006, which increased to 1,000 in 2007. The scholarship is awarded to second year full-time tertiary students enrolled in bachelor degree study and recognises top academic achievement. To be eligible, a student must have, and maintain, a B-grade average or higher.

The aim of Bonded Merit Scholarships is to provide an incentive for high-achieving students to remain in New Zealand once they have completed study. The Scholarship will pay $3,000 each year towards course fees for a maximum of four years. Students who receive the Bonded Merit Scholarship will be required to remain in New Zealand for a period of time after they complete their degree. Students who don't remain in New Zealand for the applicable period are required to repay a portion of the scholarship they received.

Other Scholarships

StudyLink is responsible for administering the payments for the following scholarships: Family and Community Services (FACS) Study Awards, NZQA Monetary Awards1, and TeachNZ. Recipients for these scholarships are decided by FACS, New Zealand Qualifications Authority and Ministry of Education respectively.

1These were known as the Top Scholar Scheme between 2005 and 2007. The Top Scholar Scheme replaced "A" and "B" Bursaries in 2005.

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