Business people taking notes.

Job Streams announcement

14 June 2012.

The Job Streams employment package will be available from 1 July. 

The Job Streams package will simplify the range of options, provide more flexibility so we can tailor support and reduce compliance for employers.

Job Streams is targeting resources on those groups we know are at most risk of long term benefit dependence and yet have the potential to find employment. It will be targeted at clients with work test obligations, including young people.

From October 2012, this will also include sole parent clients with work test obligations. Employers will have a broader range of clients to work with.

Two Job Streams

The range of employment programmes will be consolidated into two main streams.

  • Skills for Industry – short job-focussed training for specific employment opportunities (for example, Straight to Work type programmes). Funding – up to $7,000 per person.
  • Flexi-Wage – two types of wage subsidy:
    • Flexi-Wage Basic (wage subsidies up to a maximum of $21,060 per year for those at highest risk of staying on benefit without support)
    • Flexi-Wage Plus (wage subsidy with the option of using some funding for other assistance that employers need such as training, mentoring or in-work support – capped at a maximum of $21,060 per year).