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Job Loss Cover extended for Christchurch individuals

28 March 2011.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has announced extended support for employees who have lost their jobs due to the earthquake.

The current Job Loss Cover for displaced employees will be extended by two weeks to April 18 then replaced with an Individual Support Payment.

“People who lost their jobs and have no option to stay with their original employer will get support as they look for alternative work,” says Ms Bennett.

The Job Loss Cover of $400 per week in the hand for full time workers or $240 in the hand for part time workers will continue until 18 April.

“When the Job Loss Cover finishes, if people haven’t found work they can re-apply for a benefit plus a special top-up payment,” says Ms Bennett.

This payment will provide a top-up payment to the benefit:

$50 for a single person
$80 for a couple without children
Plus $10 a week for each child, up to a maximum of $110 per week

The Individual Support Payment is for people who lost work as a result of the earthquake and need time to adjust and look for alternative employment.

“Work and Income and employer groups are working together to find alternative jobs for displaced workers,” says Ms Bennett.

Those currently on Job Loss Cover will automatically get the two week extension, but will need to apply for a benefit if they need assistance beyond 18 April.

Through phoning those currently on Job Loss Coer, the Ministry of Social Development has found around one third have already found jobs.

“People need to let us know if they find work and no longer need support to avoid having to pay money back to Work and Income,” says Ms Bennett.