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Limited Service Volunteer Programme

04 June 2010.

The Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) programme aimed at young unemployed people is expanding.

LSV is about giving young people the skills and confidence to succeed in finding employment.

What is LSV?

The Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) programme is a six-week residential training and motivational course, funded by Work and Income and run by the New Zealand Defence Force since 1993.

Similar LSV programmes have been run by the different branches of the New Zealand Defence Force since 1984.

The structure of the LSV programme is similar to basic military training in that unemployed young people are exposed to military structure, discipline and standards.

They are expected to comply with military laws, customs and regulations and there are clear consequences if these standards are not met.

‘Life skills' training is also an important part of LSV, teaching young people:

  • leadership and communication skills
  • basic financial and budgeting skills
  • personal presentation
  • safety and hygiene knowledge
  • basic job searching skills

Who can attend LSV?

LSV is for unemployed young people aged from 18 to 25 years, though applicants under 18 years can be accepted as long as they are 17 when their course begins.

While they do not have to be receiving a benefit from Work and Income, young people applying for LSV must be:

  • actively looking or preparing for work
  • in good health, with a reasonable level of physical fitness
  • able to meet the minimum New Zealand Defence Force security requirements.

What happens after LSV?

Behind all the activities is a desire to build self esteem and confidence, inspire motivation and self discipline, and encourage respect for oneself and others. This work is not over when LSV ends.

At the end of each programme Work and Income case managers work with the LSV graduates to capitalise on their success and help them into jobs or further training opportunities.

What is new with LSV?

The announcement of the Government's Youth Opportunities package in August last year included $19m over the next three years to expand the LSV programme.

This new funding is being used to create 1,250 new training places (per year) by opening LSV locations in Auckland and Wellington.

Upcoming Limited Service Volunteer Course Dates for 2010

Est. Number of Places

Start Date

End Date



24 May 2010

4 July 2010



31 May 2010

11 July 2010



7 June 2010

18 July 2010



19 July 2010

29 August 2010



2 August 2010

12 September 2010



16 August 2010

26 September 2010



13 September 2010

24 September 2010



27 September 2010

7 November 2010



11 October 2010

21 November 2010



8 November 2010

19 December 2010




LSV facts and figures

  •  $19 million Government funding (over three years) will go towards the establishment of LSV programmes in Auckland (Hobsonville, opening 4 June 2010) and Wellington (Trentham, opening 8 June 2010), as well as enhancing the existing programme at Burnham near Christchurch.
  • The additional funding will create an extra 1,250 new places per year.
  • Overall the three LSV programmes in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will accommodate approximately 2,000 participants annually.
  • The LSV programme will run 14 six-week courses during 2010.
  • Each course will take around 104 to 140 unemployed young people.


Youth unemployment facts

  • As at 31 July 2010 there were 19,364 young people aged 18 to 24 receiving an unemployment related benefit.
  • The focus remains on getting young people into jobs and there are a range of initiatives, such as the Job Ops programme, available to help young people find their feet in the job market.
  • Job Ops targets unskilled and unemployed 16 to 24 year olds and subsidises employers up to $5,000 for each young person hired into a newly created entry level position for six months.  
  • From August 2009 to the month ending July 2010, around 6,570 people had been placed into employment through the Job Ops programme.
  • Work and Income is working with employers across all regions to increase the number of vacancies listed.
  • For the month ending July 2010, around 5,116 new job vacancies were listed with Work and Income, a 1,088 increase over the 4,028 for the same period last year.
Limited Service Volunteer - white water rafting

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