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Work and Income Employment Assistance

The Government is investing $287.5 million over four years to fund Welfare Reform. Part of this funding will come from reprioritising Work and Income employment assistance expenditure of $96.4 million.

This reinvestment of funding is consistent with the Investment Approach underpinning Welfare Reform. Under this new approach funds will be invested in programmes and services that are shown by evidence to be most effective at supporting people to move off benefit and into employment. The Investment Approach is flexible, so funding can be moved quickly to where it will have the greatest impact.

Welfare Reform costs include costs associated with the Youth Services, Work and Income staffing costs, Work and Income Board costs and Special Needs Grants to help women on benefit who wish to access long-acting reversible contraception.

This is a transitional funding arrangement recognising that additional funding for the investment approach will be required as further changes to the welfare system are made over the next financial year with funding to be sought in the 2013 Budget.