Group of young people standing against a wall.

Budget fact sheets 2007 - Out of School Services

The Government is investing $17.4 million over the next five years in Out of School Services. This commitment to Out of School Services responds to immediate needs of the sector identified during consultation with parents, carers and providers.

The investment includes nearly $4 million to establish 12 activity-based out of school programmes for five to 14 year olds. Providing opportunities for children and young people to spend their out of school time in meaningful activities such as homework clubs, sport, music tuition, arts, crafts, volunteering and business enterprise activities can have positive effects on their academic, social, emotional and physical well-being.

How the new programmes look and are delivered will vary. Services will work with primary and secondary schools as well as local communities to provide high-quality programmes incorporating a choice of activities outside of school hours.

The early investment in the sector also aims to improve the supply of quality Out of School Services by:

  • increasing the funding available to providers
  • enhancing the approvals process to encourage more providers to meet the current quality standards
  • establishing a Quality Review Group to provide advice to Government on the further development of quality standards for the sector
  • reviewing how government funds Out of School Services to identify the most efficient and effective ways of providing affordable, quality services for families.

These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to enable parents and carers of school-age children to access age-appropriate high quality and affordable services.

A Five-Year Action Plan seeking public input into the future shape of the Out of School Services sector will be released before the end of July.

Group of young people standing against a wall.
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