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Office for Senior Citizens

Office for Senior Citizens.

The Office for Senior Citizens provides information on the senior citizens sector, promotes and monitors the Positive Ageing Strategy; and provides services to the Minister for Senior Citizens.

What we do

The Office for Senior Citizens is one of the population offices within the Ministry with a primary focus to build strong social sector relationships to inform the Minister for Senior Citizens about issues affecting older people. Our key functions are to:

  • Lead the New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy by:
    • promoting positive ageing, with government agencies and community organisations
    • assisting government departments to identify work items to implement the Strategy
    • monitoring and reporting on progress of the Strategy’s goals, and
  • Manage the Volunteer Community Co-ordinators (VCCs) Programme. The VCCs are a network of older volunteers who bring a community perspective on issues relating to older New Zealanders to the work of the Office
  • Provide information to promote the rights and interests of older people

While we lead the implementation of the New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy, we do not deliver services to individuals or groups. If you are looking for employment or income related support, visit the Work and Income website.

Minister for Senior Citizens

We report to the Minister for Senior Citizens Hon Maggie Barry.

Our Relationships

The Office for Senior Citizens has key relationships with several individuals and organisations.


Read messages from the Minister for Senior Citizens, Hon Maggie Barry.

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