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2 July 2015 - NZ nears the top of world aged worker index

According to a PwC index (the “golden Age” index), a higher proportion of New Zealand workers are staying in employment longer than almost all of their counterparts in OECD countries. This year, New Zealand ranked second in this index behind Iceland - the same it scored in 2007.

According to PwC

  • NZ has the second highest employment rate of 55 to 64 year-olds in 2013 out of the OECD  and the third highest rate for 65 to 69 year- olds
  • Close to 40 per cent of those aged 65 to 69 were still in work in 2013 ( up from around 30 per cent in 2007)
  • A higher ratio of men to women aged 55 to 64 and in work was a negative factor in the index.

Read the full Report from PwC

A couple look after their grandchild

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